Our Services


When it comes to health care in our community, our practice at Neurological Care is dedicated to exceptional support to our patients. With outstanding professional credentials, and a skilled and experienced staff, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality neurological treatment and testing to our patients in and around the New York area. We believe the key to high quality patient care is the development of a strong doctor-patient relationship while providing special attention to each patient's individual needs and concerns. Dr. Amoashiy will review with you personally the imaging and other diagnostic findings and select the optimal treatment plan

We have two centers that provide a range of speciality services to patients with numerous neurological disorders and specialize in the most advanced diagnosis and treatment for strokes, migraines, epilepsy, low back and neck pain, various forms of dementia, movement disorders, brain tumors and other wide variety of complex illnesses.

A correct diagnosis is the first step in selecting the best course of treatment. That is why at Neurological Care P.C we keep up to date with the latest neuro diagnostic and neuroimaging tools and maintain a staff of well-trained technologists. We perform EMG and NCV studies, Electro-encephalography, EEG monitoring, VEP and BSEP testing, Carotid Doppler and Transcranial Dopplers. Our facilities are accredited by the American College of Radiology. In addition to medical services, we also offer a full physical therapy practice on our premises specializing in all orthopedic and neurological conditions with a concentration in balance training, strengthening exercises and pain relief.